Dubbed as the Philippines’ Last Frontier and home of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Tubataha Reef, it’s no wonder almost a million tourists – both local and international even the rich and famous – visit Palawan all-year round. In 2014, it was voted as “Top Island in the World” beating 147 islands worldwide in the 27th Readers’ Choice Awards of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.


With all the tourist attractions Palawan offers to the public, there are still many parts that are yet to be explored and developed, which would mean promising investments. The best part is that, the local government welcomes socio-economic and cultural development while ensuring environmental protection at the same time.


You have probably heard of El Nido and this is just one of the many wonders of Palawan that we must further explore. Wouldn’t it be nice to own a beachfront home or perhaps a hotel and resort here? You can have these and more with Prime Lands Philippines.


Now, why invest in El Nido?


  1. High Economic Growth and Development Potential

Real estate and property developers are still in the early stages of development. As aforementioned, there are still many unexplored areas that are just waiting to be discovered and developed. What do these mean for you? El Nido and the rest of Palawan are still underdeveloped and there’s a lot of room for more establishments and properties. Being in the early stages of real estate and property developments, this is where return on investment is at its greatest.


  1. Guaranteed Tourism Industry

The tourism industry in Palawan has been continuously increasing. If more tourist spots can be developed and made accessible, there will be more places for people to visit and spend their staycations. Aside from that, the people will not only be concentrated in a few places but they can spread throughout the many parts of El Nido and Palawan as a whole.


  1. Low Cost Investments

In relation to #1, the cost to invest is still low since most developers are still in the early stages of real estate and property development. You can invest on your preferred locations at an affordable price. Do you want to build your own hotel and resort, restaurant, or bar? Take advantage of low cost investments now and enjoy great return on investment in the future.


  1. Availability of Other Eco-Friendly Industries and Investment Opportunities

Why invest in El Nido? Tourism is not the only thriving and increasing industry in Palawan. Other eco-friendly industries and investment opportunities are also welcome as the local government encourages people to cultivate the agriculture industry. There is plenty of land to grow rice, vegetables, and fruits and even poultry rearing. Start your own organic farm and grow your favorite fruits and vegetables or maybe breed cattle and fish. The options are limitless.


These are just some of the reasons why you should invest in El Nido and Palawan in general and let Prime Lands Philippines help you make your dreams of owning different properties in this paradise.


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