Property Selling

We have a listing of the properties for sale that are already verified and checked beforehand. These properties are located in the areas that promises return on investment for its tourism potentials.

Property Renting

We provide listing of properties for rent which includes: lots, buildings, farms, resorts and alike. Contact us for details.


Holiday Rentals 

If you have bought properties in here and not actually using it all the time, holiday rental is a good option to make an income out of an idle property. This can generate actual income from few days/weeks rental of your property.


Assisting in Corporations

For Foreign investors, we can assist you in registering your business to SEC if you’re planning to create corporations and also registering in the local government offices.


Property Management

If you are considering purchasing investment property on the Island of Palawn in the Philippines our team at PrimeLands provide a full schedule of services to assist you in making your dream come true. Our services include:

Legal & Contract Services

Our team provides a full schedule of legal services that entitles non-Philippines expatriates, investment companies and corporations to own their own property including contract drafting for sales and rentals and the aquisition of commercial licences.

Property Rental Services

If you are purchasing property as a second home or to generate income, our team can assist you in finding long-term tenants to rent your property that generates a long term fixed income.

Architecture & Construction Services

For clients wishing to build on land our team provides introductions to qualified and registered architects and experienced construction
companies on the island, we can also assist in securing building
permission for your investment project.

Cleaning & Ground Maintenance

We are able to provide our clients with regular cleaning and garden maintenance services based on a fixed monthly commitment to ensure that your property is well maintained and always looking its best for your arrival.

Assistance With Tax & Revenue Services

We can provide you with introductions to qualified local tax accountants and local economic services that can provide you with information and advice on tax compliance and revenue reporting for your