PrimeLands Philippines focuses on the best interest of the client by identifying their needs and matching it accordingly. We only offer premier properties in the North Palawan which  includes beach fronts, island parcels, commercial lots, house and lots, overlooking the 360 magnificent panoramic view and alike.

Our property listing is mostly concentrated in the north part of Palawan, because it already garnered most of the tourist population, but it still has much to offer than its current reputation. Though there are still many unexplored facets of the area that is progressing very rapidly and the market of tourism industry in the area is mounting year every year.

These properties are situated either in established tourist destinations or in areas that are being developed due to its high potential, thus, have indisputable return of investment on the client’s part.   Our team are the ones who are gathering properties direct from the owner, ensuring a cheaper price for each properties, and cross checking it in the various administrative offices for verification before presenting it to our clients.

We provide solutions not only on the local investors but also to the foreign investors through a system that we have prepared consisting only of legal and secure process.  PrimeLands Philippines will assist you whether you want to buy a property, rent, or develop it and have it managed.

PrimeLands Philippines is composed of licensed real estate brokers, agents, lawyers, notary public attorney, translators and partners with geodetic engineers, developers, architects, engineers, and construction team. We are a team of locals here who know the area, the market and all the updates and we are pledged to assist our clients with the knowledge and skills we have.

Efficient, fast and secured transaction is what we deliver and professionalism is an understatement in PrimeLands Philippines.